Reducing candidate drop-off whilst delivering superior candidate engagement through impress.ai’s recruitment automation platform


Recruiter hours saved


Candidate satisfaction achieved

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  • Challenge

    The client, a statutory Southeast Asian government body for promoting destination tourism, receives a large number of applicants for their Management Associate Programme (MAP), scholarship, and internship programs. Due to a manually driven hiring process, the client struggled to screen, assess, and shortlist qualified candidates efficiently, causing them to lose top candidates to other organizations.

  • Results

    impress.ai’s recruitment automation platform digitized 70% of the hiring process, constituting candidate screening, candidate assessments, and candidate shortlisting, and saved 121 hours for recruiters. Using impress.ai, the client processed 1,500 candidate applications and achieved an 80.2% completion rate. The system’s AI engine successfully answered 7400 candidate queries with 98.2% accuracy and achieved 94.4% candidate satisfaction.

  • Business Benefit

    With impress.ai, the client could digitize the end-to-end recruitment process, enhancing recruitment efficiency, shortening the time-to-shortlist, and achieving a superior candidate experience, while ensuring a bias-free recruitment process.

  • The Background 

    The client is a statutory Southeast Asian government body promoting destination tourism. They draw a high volume of candidates for their Management Associate Programme (MAP), scholarship, and internship programs. Relying on the manual hiring process was stretching the client’s capacity to screen, evaluate, and shortlist quality candidates efficiently. With the current screening process, they ended up shortlisting too many candidates and had to drop many of them from the interview process. Instead of evaluating the candidate competencies, the current candidate assessments relied on the study discipline and the total scores of candidates, which was further influencing the quality of candidates shortlisted.  

    The Solution  

    The client wanted to leverage impress.ai’s recruitment automation platform to digitize its entire hiring process to achieve a higher recruiter efficiency, offer seamless candidate engagement, ensure a superior candidate experience, and reduce the time-to-hire.

    impress.ai’s AI-powered virtual assistants assisted and guided candidates through the recruitment process and responded to their queries in real-time. Virtual assistants were available 24/7 to address candidate questions and offer flexibility in applying outside working hours. 

    The platform enabled recruiters to define candidate screening criteria and automatically score candidates against those criteria before proceeding to interviews. With this, the platform shortlisted qualified candidates for every role, and the recruiters could identify the most eligible candidates. 

    The platform offered a more robust assessment rubric with a provision to define and customize the competencies required for the role. Instead of focusing on the study discipline and total score, the assessment module evaluated the candidate competencies and offered holistic candidate evaluation. It further offers an automated and centralized dashboard, enabling recruiters to administer all assessments in one place and review candidates’ results seamlessly without disruptions. 

    The Results   

    The client digitized their recruitment process that screened, assessed, and shortlisted high-quality candidates without human bias. 

    impress.ai delivered an interactive, engaging candidate experience that:  

    • Increased candidate engagement with 94% of candidates offering an average satisfaction rating of 4 out of 5
    • Achieved an accuracy of 98% while responding to candidate queries
    • Enhanced candidate engagement with virtual assistants being available 24/7
    • Enhanced recruitment efficiency, increased hiring speed, reduced bias, and improved cost per shortlisted candidate  

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