A British multinational insurance company increases recruiter efficiency and achieves high-quality candidate engagement


accuracy in addressing candidate queries


high-quality candidate engagement

  • Insurance


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  • The Challenge

    Applicants were left with no updates on the recruitment process and often had to wait till the completion of the recruitment to get a status update. The recruitment team manually sorted candidate data and forwarded candidates matching the criteria to the next level. Also, there was no single dashboard that centralized all processes into one view for recruiters.

  • The Results

    Candidate Engagement: The platform offers high-quality candidate engagement 24/7- over 38% of candidates engaged with a virtual assistant outside of working hours. Recruiter Efficiency: 98.8% of candidate queries were addressed with 98% accuracy saving hours of work for the recruitment team. Candidate feedback & employer brand: 93% of the applicants rated a 4+ star experience further enhancing the client’s brand equity in the market as an employer of choice.

  • The Business Benefits

    impress.ai streamlined the recruitment process, ensured superior candidate engagement, and achieved increased recruiter efficiency while enhancing employer brand equity.

  • Background:

    A British multinational insurance company takes in a cohort of high achievers on a defined career pathway through their Corporate Graduate Program every year. As the hiring process was manually driven, applicants were left with no updates on the recruitment process and often had to wait until the completion of the recruitment to get an application status update. The dependency on the manual application process and the lack of meaningful engagement with candidates cost the company in the form of a poor candidate experience. 


    1. Improve the candidate experience throughout the hiring process without adding to the workload of the TA team. 
    2. Boost efficiency and effectiveness, streamlining the recruitment cycle. 
    3. Centralize all information into a consolidated view with an integrated scoring system.


    The client receives a high volume of applicants every year for its Corporate Graduate Program.  Traditionally, the candidates’ experience involved filling up an online form, after which they don’t hear from the company until a decision is made about their application status.

    The recruitment team manually sorted candidate data and forwarded candidates matching the criteria to the next level. These applicants would then proceed to third-party online assessment tools using video interviews and game-based assessments. Once qualified, candidates would then appear for offline interactions at the physical Assessment Centre. Due to the online nature of the assessments and video interviewing tools used throughout the application process, no single dashboard centralized all processes into one view for recruiters.  

    The Solution:

    impress.ai’s AI-powered Recruitment Automation platform provided a seamless experience for both the candidates and the recruitment team throughout the multi-stage assessment process.

    This was done by automating the repetitive and low-value tasks while also providing candidates with a flexible and engaging recruitment experience through impress.ai’s virtual assistant.

    The virtual assistant deployed especially for the Graduate Program became the invisible colleague working alongside the recruitment team.  It effortlessly took all candidates through their applications at whatever time they chose to log in, ensuring that they were hearing back on their applications faster than ever. Moreover, it was intelligently programmed to answer frequently asked questions from the applicants, ensuring that only very unique queries were left for the recruitment team to respond to.

    At the recruiter’s end, impress.ai’s platform seamlessly integrated with the existing tech stack of assessment tools and offered automated and centralized candidate assessment and evaluation. Recruiters could perform all the assessments in a single place and review candidates’ results too. The platform provided a dedicated dashboard that allowed the recruitment team to view and act on everything- applicant information, transcripts, assessment scores, screening questions, video interviews, and even higher-level candidate queries. 

    It also helped recruiters analyze hiring insights and make data-driven decisions. Finally, all actions were documented for tracking and compliance by the audit trails within the platform.


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