Assess & evaluate your candidates accurately

Basic screening

Our platform screens (in or out) candidates based on basic parameters such as qualifications, experience, background, etc., to narrow the talent pool to a manageable number of qualified applicants. You can then pre-screen and deep-screen candidates to assess how well they fit into your requirements at different stages of the hiring process.

Competency-based assessments

Our competency-based assessments evaluate the appropriateness of an applicant's competencies for the role you are recruiting for. Combining the competency framework of the organization and the skills matrix required for the job, you can design customized questions to evaluate an applicant's key skills. Our platform scores and ranks candidates’ responses against the defined criteria to give you a comprehensive view of their suitability.

Case study-based assessments

Our case study-based assessments evaluate applicants' analytical, and problem-solving skills among others, to determine their suitability for the job. We present customized business problems and case studies to each candidate and capture, evaluate and score their responses. Our assessments provide accurate and unbiased results, driving better hiring decisions

Additional Third-party assessment tests

a. Coding assessments
b. Personality assessments
c. Asynchronous video interview
d. Skill & Competency assessments

You can visit our page to learn more about our third-party assessment integrations.


Our AI-powered automated proctoring solution constantly monitors the candidate’s context to minimize the possibility of cheating. It ensures the integrity of the assessment results and prevents candidate impersonation, utilizing the context-aware technologies it works with. Use our solution to securely automate your candidate assessments and evaluations while adhering to all compliance requirements.