The conversational AI-based virtual assistant

Simple & self-serve

With impressACE, recruiters can build and launch customized and automated recruitment workflows with basic job description. impressACE provides a single interface for creating recruitment workflows that streamline candidate screening, assessments, and engagement, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple stages and settings on the platform.

Automated mass customization

impressACE empowers recruiters to auto-create custom workflows tailored to each role instead of a generic workflow for all open positions. impressACE’s AI/ML algorithms analyze existing workflows and suggest improvements, making it easier to optimize the hiring process.

Conversational AI-based engagement

impressACE engages in intelligent and meaningful conversations with recruiters. Using proprietary NLP/ML algorithms, impressACE analyzes and interprets recruiter interactions, responds to their queries, and provides assistance in workflow creation. They assist recruiters in streamlining the recruitment process and provide valuable insights and suggestions for optimizing the recruitment process.

Performance dashboards and analytics

impressACE, through its performance dashboards, gives recruiters a comprehensive view of the recruitment process, and allows recruiters to monitor and evaluate different recruitment metrics. impressACE empowers recruiters to use data to make informed, accurate hiring decisions.